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Apply for a Reciprocal License - Electricians

Important Notice to Master Electricians in Maryland, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia and Delaware

The West Virginia State Fire Marshal and the Maryland Board of Master Electricians have entered into an agreement to waive the written exam for any individual who currently holds a master electrician license issued by either Maryland or West Virginia, which is in good standing, if the individual has passed the written licensure exam in obtaining the other state's master electrician license, and is otherwise qualified.

This means that an individual who is licensed by the West Virginia State Fire Marshal may apply to the State Board of Master Electricians without having to take the Maryland written licensure exam, so long as the applicant passed the licensure exam in West Virginia and has held the license for at least two years, in good standing.

Individuals holding a license in good standing in Virginia or Washington, D.C. who have passed the written examination in Virginia or Washington, D.C. may apply for licensure in Maryland without taking the Maryland written exam.

Additionally, licensees holding a Delaware license in good standing for at least five years who passed the exam in Delaware may also apply for licensure without taking the Maryland written exam.

Each licensing authority will review the applications submitted under this agreement to ensure that applicants are otherwise eligible to obtain a license.

The Board also issues licenses, through reciprocity to individuals, who hold a current master electrician's registration in one of the Maryland counties or Baltimore City.

Journeyman can apply if they have a current license from one of the local jurisdictions that was obtained by examination. And the local Master's license must be in good standing also as stated for the reciprocating States.