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Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates for 2019 - Unemployment Insurance

As a result of the solvency calculation for the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, as required by the Unemployment Insurance Law, the Division of Unemployment Insurance has determined that the range of rates for 2019 is 0.3 percent to 7.5 percent. The rate for new employers in 2019 is 2.6 percent. An exception is that, the rate for new construction employers headquartered in another state is 4.8 percent. The taxable wage base for 2019 will remain at $8,500.

Employer tax rates are based on the ratio of the individual employer’s experience with benefit charges and taxable payroll over the last three fiscal years ended on June 30. Your 2019 assigned rate, in the range of 0.3 percent to 7.5 percent, depends on your experience over that time. Additional account details, including your quarterly benefit charge and taxable wage summaries, are available at "WebTax" online.

You may request a review of your tax rate within 30 days from the Date of Notice as shown on the rate notice. A request to review your rate should be submitted in writing to the address shown on the rate notice. However, if you simply have a question concerning your rate, please contact the Experience Rate Unit at (410)767-2613 or

Employers are reminded that they are ultimately responsible for the deposit and payment of their Maryland Unemployment tax liability, even if a third party is making the deposits. The Maryland Unemployment Insurance Division recommends that employers enroll in “WebTax” online as indicated above to confirm filings and payments made on their behalf.

Maryland's Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Payment Plans