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Maryland State Building Codes - Building Codes Administration

Two steps are involved in the State of Maryland for adoption of new editions of building related codes.

  1. After new editions of I-codes become available from ICC, the Department is required to adopt the new codes for the State within 18 months.
  2. After the State's adoption, all local jurisdictions have up to 12 months to amend & adopt these new codes for local code enforcement. Each jurisdiction has its processes & timeline in completing the process. Therefore, one should contact the specific local jurisdiction regarding the status of its code adoption.

Additionally, depending on the type of building a project belongs to, there are differences regarding which codes a project should comply with. See the "Code Matrix" below for more information. For example, modular buildings and State owned/used buildings shall comply with Model Performance Code (MPC).

For additional information, contact:
Department of Labor
Division of Labor and Industry
Building Codes Administration

10946 Golden West Drive, Suite 160
Hunt Valley, MD 21031