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Associate Brokers and Salesperson May Register Nicknames - Real Estate Commission

As a result of the enactment of House Bill 704 during the 2002 session of the Maryland General Assembly, licensed real estate associate brokers and salespersons are eligible to register a nickname with Real Estate Commission and thereby hold themselves out to the public by that nickname. Accordingly, a licensee named William Salesperson may register the nickname "Bill" with the Commission and trade under the name Bill Salesperson. The licensee will receive a new license with the authorized nickname in parenthesis on the name line of the license:

William F. Salesperson (Bill)

This authorization is limited strictly to the use of nicknames. Consistent with the action of the General Assembly, the Commission will not register the name of a joint venture, partnership, corporation or some other entity under this provision.

How to apply:

Click on Name/ Nickname Changes, after entering your registration and PIN number and accessing the name change form, enter your nickname in parenthesis after your legal name as it already appears, make your payment ($25.00) and complete the transaction.

If there is any question about the acceptability of a particular nickname, please contact the Commission before filing an application.