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Out-of-State License Recognition - How an Out-of-State Licensee Applies for Licensure in Maryland - Real Estate Commission

The Commission only has reciprocal agreements with Pennsylvania and Oklahoma. Individuals actively licensed in all other states may start the process by providing a certificate of full licensing history from the state where they were first licensed and are currently licensed. Send the history document (original only, not a copy) to us within 30 days of its issue date by your home state along with a cover letter, personally signed, with your mailing address and complete contact information, including an email address. Send to the Education Administrator, Maryland Real Estate Commission, 500 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202-3651. Do not fax or email this information. If qualified, you will be sent all information needed to register for the exam, and if you do not qualify you will be so advised. Education and experience from a home state are reviewed for transferability, individually for each applicant. Waivers may be offered only to active licensees.

UPDATE: If you are licensed in a state that must email the history document, due to COVID, it will only be accepted when emailed directly from the issuing state to After confirming the issuing state has emailed your license history, you may email your cover letter to this same email address.