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About the Maryland Racing Commission

George P. Mahoney, Jr., Chairperson

The Maryland Racing Commission was formed in 1920 (Chapter 273, Acts of 1920). It licenses all persons, associations, or corporations that hold any horse racing meet within the State where racing is permitted for any stake, purse, or reward, as well as Satellite Simulcast Betting and intertrack betting.

The Commission makes all regulations governing the races and, through its stewards and judges, officiates the conduct of racing. It may also regulate the size of a purse, the price of admission, or the charge made for any article or service sold at the meets. All persons engaged in racing in Maryland must be licensed and a person operating under an assumed name must register with the Commission for permission to use such a name. The Commission may revoke or suspend the license of any person or corporation engaged in racing within the State who violates the racing laws or Commission rules.

The Commission conducts hearings on appeals, collects taxes and fees, distributes the taxes and fees collected to various subdivisions and other entities, collects and tests specimens at its equine laboratory of horses participating in the races and oversees the administration of the breeding enhancement programs.

The Commission's nine members are appointed for four year terms by the Governor with Senate advice and consent. No more than six members may belong to the same political party. At least three members must be knowledgeable or experienced in some aspect of thoroughbred racing, and at least three in some aspect of harness racing. The Governor designates the Chairperson. The Secretary of Labor appoints the Executive Director. Authorization for the Commission continues until July 1, 2021 (Maryland Annotated Code Business Regulation Article, Sections. 11-201 through 11-214).

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Maryland Racing Commission

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