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Maryland Standardbred Race Fund Advisory Committee

Tammy Lafferty, Chairperson

The Maryland Standardbred Race Fund Advisory Committee was established in 1971 (Chapter 771, Acts of 1971). The Committee assists and advises the Maryland Racing Commission on the administration of the Standardbred Race Program, the Standardbred Race Fund, and the Standardbred Sires Stakes Program. The Standardbred Race Fund is supported by an assessment on each harness track licensee of a portion of the mutuel pool on all bets made and proceeds from uncashed winning tickets purchased through a harness licensee. The Fund is used primarily for purses for races involving Maryland-bred and Maryland sired standardbred horses.

The Committee consists of six members. Five members are appointed to four year terms and the chairperson to a one year term by the Maryland Racing Commission with the approval of the Secretary of Labor. Two members are nominated by the organization representing a majority of the standardbred breeders in Maryland, one of which must be a commercial breeder. One is nominated by the Cloverleaf Standardbred Owners' Association, two represent each harness track license, and one is a member of the Maryland Racing Commission. Authorization for the Committee continues until July 1, 2001 (Code Business Regulation Article, Sections. 11-623 through 11-636).