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GED® Testing on Computer - Adult Education and Literacy Services

  1. The GED® test on computer uses basic technology found in many job applications, workplaces, and training programs.
  2. The easy-to-use online registration and scheduling allows adults to take the GED® test on their time and move on with their lives.
  3. Some benefits for adults taking the GED® test on computer include:
    1. Instant score reports: Test-takers will enjoy piece of mind knowing they immediately passed.
    2. One-stop registration and scheduling: Easy-to-use online registration and scheduling. Test-takers can see what testing times are available at all nearby testing centers.
    3. Flexible testing experience: Test-takers can take the GED® test at their own pace. If they finish a content area, they can immediately continue to the next content area.
  4. For more information regarding GED® computer-based testing (CBT), go to the information for Educators on the GED® Testing Service website.