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English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructions/Observation Tools - Adult Education and Literacy Services

The Maryland ESL Workgroup designs products and provides materials that are helpful for instructors and administrators.

ESL Informal Observation Guide
Instructional Specialist and administrators unfamiliar with the steps involved in planning and implementing an ESL lesson will find this form helpful. It was designed to include the components of a lesson as it relates to the Maryland Content Standards for Adult ESL/ESOL.

Standard Based Information Observation Tool
The Maryland Adult ESL Program Standards provides guidance on instructional expectations. This form includes the standards, strategies, and techniques one should observe in an ESL classroom. Prior to use, the section on instruction in the program standards document, should be reviewed.

Frederick County Public Schools Observation Form
Frederick County uses this form to target specific instructional competencies as it pertains to local teaching standards or the instructional standards in the ESL Program Standards Guide. In addition, the form could be modified to include CASAS Competencies taught in the observed lesson. The form includes space for the competency, evidence and additional comments. On the back of the form, there is a space for comments.

Kent County Informal Observation Form
Providing positive feedback to instructors is key to encouraging them to continue improving instructional practices. This form developed by the instructional specialist reminds the observer to do just that and is used in conjunction with the Maryland Content Standards for Adult ESL/ESOL.