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Maryland Business Works - Workforce Development and Adult Learning

Maryland Business WorksResponding to repeated requests of Maryland’s businesses in consultation with the Maryland Department of Commerce, is excited to announce the return of Maryland Business Works, a highly successful incumbent worker training program.

With a substantial initial investment of $500,000 in business engagement funds, the Maryland Department of Labor is eager to partner with Maryland’s businesses to support employer strategies for retention, growth and, expansion. This project requires a dollar-for-dollar match by the employer, which allows for an overall investment of $2 million in incumbent worker training.

Training funds can be used to upgrade the skills of current employees while also creating opportunities for new hires in in-demand occupations and skills. Participants completing the program will gain transferable skills or industry-recognized certifications or credentials, leading to potential career growth and increased wages. Projects will be industry-focused and employer-based, targeting small business, particularly at the local level.

Contact Lloyd Day at 410-767-2995 or for more information.

The Maryland Business Works Program…

  • Check mark Invests in Maryland Private Sector Businesses -- Private sector businesses with 500 employees or fewer that provide in-demand products or services.
  • Check mark Provides True Partnership with Businesses -- There is a dollar-to-dollar match requirement, and a $4,500 training cap funding level that may be awarded to a specific trainee for a project or series of projects. The minimum request per year cannot exceed $40,000.
  • Check mark Meets Businesses’ Training Needs -- The Program funds classroom-based training, in-house staff training, apprenticeships, and other opportunities for Maryland’s businesses as they create and foster their talent pipeline.

Get Started Now…

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